Million Dollar Arm contest winner lauds SMARTKAGE  

Josh Dahl Calls It “The Smartest Cage That I Have Ever Stepped Foot in”

Peoria, AZ - He didn’t win the million dollars but his 95 mph fastball strike did earn him top prize in Disney’s “Million Dollar Arm” contest that coincided with the release of the movie of the same name staring Jon Hamm. However, Josh Dahl, did win $750 in gift certificates and tickets to the ESPY Awards but more importantly, with the fastest speed, Dahl will be able to sign a contract with the J.B. Bernstein’s agency, Seven Figures Management, the basis of the movie.

Back at home in Arizona, Dahl had an opportunity to be one of the first to “step into the “Kage” at one of SmartKage’s first of 40 nationwide installations of a scheduled 160 unit national rollout. Just what did the hard throwing Dahl think of his SmartKage experience at his employer All in the Game Sports Center in Peoria, AZ.

“SmartKage is literally the smartest cage that I have ever stepped foot in.” gushed Dahl. “It has allowed me to see how the future of baseball analytics is progressing and progressing rather rapidly.”

Six years in development, SmartKage, is best likened to the equivalent of a “Physical SAT™ Parent company SmartSports has developed the first quantitative technology system and network that measures specific athletic performance for baseball and softball players.

Each one-hour SmartKage session yields up to 75 performance metrics for baseball and softball players. The patented proprietary technologies are completely invisible to the user; there are no wires, markers or sensors on the athlete. Performance data is captured in real time and used for player development, identification, college recruiting and professional scouting.

Not only does SmartKage give you numbers that neither coaches nor major league scouts have the capability of providing to a prospective baseball player looking to make it to the next level, but the people at SmartKage also care about people understanding the true function and results dealing with SmartKage testing along with finding new innovative methods to analyze a prospect looking “to better his/her athletic abilities,” added Dahl.” I was able to speak with the creators of SmartKage and it was sort of stunning how much they cared about getting myself seen in front of Major League teams and the most stunning thing of all would have to be how they informed me about that process and that they actually wanted to help me along the way.”

“Josh’s experience underscores the value and certainly the need for advanced technology in all of sports,” said SmartSports co-founder and CEO, Corrine Vitolo. “While we would never diminish the importance of professional scouts this is another tool in their arsenals to take player evaluation to a whole new level. Of course, SmartKage is not just for elite Major League Players but provides invaluable information for amateurs, collegiate and pro athletes across the nation.”

During its developmental process SmartSports has partnered with the nation’s leaders in the field of sports. Rawlings Sporting Goods, the number one Baseball brand worldwide whose 125 years of product innovation has changed the game.

SmartSports has also partnered with Sportvision which, in conjunction with Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM), has permanently installed its PITCHf/x pitch tracking system in every MLB stadium as well as SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) best known for its development of “Sabrrmetrics” and advanced baseball statistical analytics.

Additionally, SmartSports works with Major League teams in each of the six divisions as well as 3,600 colleges and universities. “SmartKage provides comprehensive performance analysis in pitching, hitting, fielding, catching, running and agility,” added Vitolo. “It can be used for instruction, player development, recruiting and scouting. Our product sits precisely at the intersection of sport and science. By creating ‘big data’ intelligence and efficiencies, we are bringing America’s pastime into the future.”

Vitolo said that while the company holds a number of patents for its technologies, the Company is in the process of preparing additional filings.  

About SmartSports/SmartKage
SmartSports is a privately held sports technology company developing smart sports products and environments. The Company develops and markets proprietary hardware and software systems that quantitatively measure athletic performance. Company products, including its fully automated SmartKage™, serve the amateur, collegiate and professional sports markets. Founded in 2008, the company is based in greater Boston, Massachusetts. For additional information please go to www.smartkage.com